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  1. I have a stock BRZ. It is a slow pile of shit.

    I’m guessing the $4600 dollar FA20 build is just the theoretical build tolerance of the motor, not the expected whp/wtq of the car after installing it.

    Also, I’m assuming that this price doesn’t include:
    1- the turbo/supporting mods to actually make power. it’s just going to be a built motor with nothing going on, until i buy a turbo kit for it.
    2- labor cost to install the motor…

    Also, do you offer an discounts for cores? Meaning I don’t need/want my current OEM motor, do you lower the cost if I give my motor as a core? If not, what happens to the stock motor, do you guys just throw it in a crate and I have to haul it off and deal with it later?

    thanks for answering my questions…

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